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When your body talks, listen

As a nurse, I know our bodies talk to us. Of course they tell us when we’re hungry, or tired or hurt. But our bodies can tell us other things as well, like if a decision we’re making is right for us.

Recently, a client of mine was making a big career decision. He’d been unhappy and wasn’t sure if he should leave his chosen profession or if he should stick it out. Of course there were lots of things to consider. Family and financials were big on his list.

And even though part of his work was to make important decisions everyday, making this one for himself, had him stumped. Except his stomach clenched every time he thought about staying.

It isn’t easy making a big change or even making the smaller ones. That’s why listening to your body can be an added piece of information. A way your intuitive self works to catch your attention and give guidance for your direction.

I asked my client to track his body for a week. Notice when his stomach relaxed and when it tightened in relationship to his question to learn more about his body communication system.

How does your body speak to you?

Over the next few days, when making a decision (big or small), try this:
1. Start with taking a deep relaxing breath or two.
2. Notice how your body feels at “baseline”.
3. Then ask your question.
4. See how your body responds.

Over time you can begin to discern what your body is telling you. Like knowing if the feelings are a “Yes! Go for it,” “No, not the change to make,” or “Maybe, just not right time.”

What do you think? Have you used your body before to make big or small decisions? Try it for three days and send me an email, I’d love to hear how you go with this!

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