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“Jackie gives the gift of herself. I never had a true nursing mentor before and now I truly appreciate the value of this. Basking in Jackie’s compassionate philosophy and clarity of spirit brings healing to the world. It’s been the most valuable experience of my professional and academic life.”

-Nicole Allison Griffis ANP-BC, HNP

“Jackie is one of the wisest women I know. Anyone with the good fortune to learn from her intuition, empathy, and playfulness knows what a great gift she has to offer. Pond Road Retreat Center is a tranquil, truly special place.”
– Jess L, Seattle, WA.

“I am continually in awe of Jackie’s ability to balance inner wisdom, loving care of the self and others, and devotion to the sacred. Any opportunity to work with her is not to be missed.”
– Laura L, Chimacum

“Engaging in personal and community healing and growth with Jackie, I have been moved, I have been changed, and have laughed and cried in the process. You will find heart, mind and body inspired to Goodness.”
– Alice S, Bainbridge

“Jackie is a master coach who builds a comfortable space within which to learn. She provides awesome fun and dedicated leadership and helped me access and express my inner voice.”
– Debbie U, Hospice Nurse, Bainbridge Island

“Jackie is a very wonderful and expert at facilitating groups there was a lot of sharing and a lot  of personal insight that she was able to offer and it was a wonderful, wonderful experience.”
– Bobbie K. RN Entreprenurse, Pittsburgh, PA

“Jackie’s program was one of the most life changing experience that I’ve had at the American Holistic Nurses Association Conference.”
– Sally, Nurse Educator, Massachusetts

Nurses speak out about Jackie’s Mindfulness Program

“Excellent. Need much more time with Jackie.”

“Very good speaker. Great educator!”

“Excellent speaker, very relevant for one and all.”

“I very much enjoyed learning about non-pharmacological interventions for pain.”

“This was the best lecture of the entire conference. Thanks!”

“Jackie is fabulous! So glad to have her presenting at ASPMN again!”

“I could have listened to Jacqueline all day- what a great break out session- so enjoyed it and it just reminded us that as a group, nurses are horrible about taking care of the peace in our hearts.”

“Mindfulness program was incredible, I really enjoyed Jackie and changed afternoon classes just to have her class again.”

“Jackie is inspirational, motivational, offered many wonderful suggestions to take back to work, home, and for myself.”

“Jackie Levin is wonderful. Very knowledgeable. Very practical. I can actually used some of the mindfulness techniques on our patients and myself. I’d take another session with her any time. Very helpful for my work.”

Nurses speak out about Jackie’s “Spoken Medicine” Guided Imagery and Therapeutic Suggestions Program

“I’d like to take more Guided Imagery and Therapeutic Suggestion to use with chronic pain patients. It really does work! Very helpful for my work.”

“Great and definitely needed in the Pain environment. Also has a place to use within the workplace including staff members.”

“I am so glad that I attended another session by Jacqueline Levin. She is excellent, very humorous and interesting.”

“Good demonstration with use of lots of details.”

“I presently use this in my nursing practice-but now, after the session with Jackie, will be more proficient.”

“I was impressed by her expertise and experience. It was an easy flow for her.”

“Great speaker, REALLY enjoyed this class…….wish we had more time with Jackie.”

“Great speaker. Very knowledgeable and relaxed with the topic.”

“Excellent speaker–motivational, inspirational, sense of humor!”

“Enjoyed the session. Will use this technique for myself, support group and acute pain patients.”

“Jackie was really good, helpful, and very positive. I took away some good ideas and will definitely be able to use some of this in my work setting.”

“Have Jacqueline back, she is great!”

“EXCELLENT! Very valuable!! Personally and professionally.”

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