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Is This You?

My approach works for all kinds health professionals. See if one or more of the following situations sounds like you.

You feel the pain, suffering and grief of your patients, and you’re also beginning to feel the signs of burnout.

You are able to carry much of it, but it’s beginning to weigh heavily on you and you’re wanting ways to fill up your own cup.

Your patient’s pain management plan isn’t working.

You know more pills are not the whole answer. They’re frustrated and you’re frustrated and wonder, “What else is out there?”

You’re really good at what you do and everyone comes to you for help and answers.

Because you’re a giving person, you say yes, but the pressure is building to just meet your own work expectations. The pace is  getting to be too much, even for you.

You are a healthcare leader and see how hard your staff works.

You want to ignite their passion to stay and grow a healthy workplace, but find you’re frustrated yourself with all the fires you put out instead.

You mentor new staff and feel their anxiety.

You want stress reduction strategies so you and they care for patients with more ease and without mistakes.

You were confronted by an angry patient or coworker.

And as hard as you try, you do take it personally. At home in bed, you can’t sleep with the thoughts of how it could have gone differently. And even if the situation has blown over, it still sits uneasily with you.

You learned a holistic modality or heard about stress reduction techniques, but can’t figure out how to fit it into an already busy shift.

You know there must be ways to use imagery or breathing techniques to quickly ease your patient’s pain and anxiety, but struggle with how to introduce it or weave it into what you’re already doing.

This approach can work for you if:

  • You’ve been in healthcare for many years. Even when you know your stuff, you can get stressed by the amount of things you have to stay on top of.  Not to mention that others have come to rely on you for support. Mindfulness can help you keep your sanity and focus, even when its crazy and chaotic.
  • You want a healthy work-life balance, but too often bring your work home with you. You need ways to create some down time for yourself and space for the important relationships and activities you love.
  • You want ways to make holistic and integrative strategies part of your work.  Excellent! Holistic and integrative approaches are now well researched and practiced in all healthcare settings. Not only can it help your patients heal faster and be more engaged in healthy life styles, it’s also part of caring for yourself.
  • You’re new to healthcare. Even though you’ve been studying for years to become the health professional you are, you’re struggling to keep your ideals alive. Don’t give up! There really is a way to be the healing professional you long to be.
  • You are wise and seasoned. Let’s be honest here. We can’t afford to lose you. This approach can fuel your passion for innovation so you continue sharing your wisdom.

Being there for someone else is what being in healthcare is all about.  My hope is that while you take good care of others, you’ll take good care of yourself. 

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Mindfulness has changed my healthcare practice by helping me to stay centered on the important work I am doing. Over years of clinical management I became a too-busy distracted professional and thought my unquiet, always thinking and planning mind was helping me to get more done.  Instead I was less effective than I thought I was.  I was unaware and  impatient  when I thought I was focused and productive.

-Laura Showers RN, MSN Infection Preventionist/Accreditation Specialist

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