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Retreat Center

Pond Road Retreat and Holistic Learning Center, Port Townsend, WA.

Personally Designed Private Individual and
Small Group Retreats and Intentional Quests

Many people are seeking experiences where they can separate themselves from the busyness of daily life and work, to just be quiet. A time and a place where they can journey within, reflect on the important questions of their life and life direction or sit in silence in their own meditation practice.

If this is what you desire and would like to create for yourself or have a guided experience created for you, consider a day or longer at Pond Road Retreat and Holistic Learning Center.

For Personal Retreats

Cabin on the Dock

The Cabin on the Dock is a rustic, yet safe and cozy space to journey inward with the ever changing beauty of the pond and the woods beyond, at your doorstep. Here you can experience the wilds of Nature with the comfort of the cabin amenities to do the important inner work you crave. I am available as a guide to start your journey and co-facilitate your focus and integration of your insights and re-integration into the larger world back at your home and work. If there is specific healing work you desire or a meditation practice you want to learn, we will plan for this ahead of time.

The whole goal is to create an environment that is wild enough to give you the feeling of being far away, yet safe enough to do the inner work you came to do.

If the Cabin on the Dock seems too remote, consider our studio for your personal retreat. See below.

For Small Groups

You can create a similar experience described for the Cabin on the Dock for small groups of 2-5 in our Retreat Studio. Small groups have access to the Cabin on the Dock and the Studio for any combination of silence, facilitated individual and small group mindfulness meditation practice, Medicine Walk Journeying, and or group study of a healing modality. Groups can be a professional work group or a group of friends, as long as there is a common purpose.

To create your small group experience, call or email me and we will design a day, weekend or longer retreat that is perfect for you and your goals.

For Retreat Workshops

For when you want to get away, clarify and/or amplify your work in the world in healing-learning workshop the Medicine Walk of Transformation is perfect. This workshop can be created for a specific working group or you can join the next workshop. Read more about it here. If you’d like to know how to create this for a particular group, let’s talk!

Meal Planning
This is done ahead of time. Some people creating a silent retreat wish to fast, or have just coffee and tea served in the morning. Others would like light meals. Workshops have snacks and lunch provided. If you chose, you can create your own menu and have us prepare the meals or you can prepare them yourselves.

Port Townsend and Pond Road Retreat and Holistic Learning Center
At Pond Road Retreats you’ll experience deep peace, a sense of adventure, trails leading you around the pond through beautiful forest and easy hikes to expansive bluff vistas from nearby Fort Worden. From sunrise to sunset nature provides the music and art for one’s soul.

We are just 5 miles from the beautiful Victorian seaport town of Port Townsend, where you can enjoy artisan galleries, 5 star restaurants, lots of great music, and the smell and feel of salt air.


We offer hostel like accommodations when groups are here. Otherwise you have the space to yourself where you can sit and read by the wood burning stove in winter or enjoy summer evenings by the fire pit. We have a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. When available we have fresh organic veggies and our farm fresh eggs.

Your host in addition to me, is my husband, Randy. Randy does most of our land care-taking, gardening, building and lots of the cooking. He also loves to create most anything out of wood.

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