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Unitary Transformative Nursing

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Unitary Transformative Nursing: Using Metaphor and Imagery for Self-Reflection and Theory Informed Practice – Author Jackie Levin RN, MS *

This paper emerges out of my experience as the program coordinator for an integrative care program at a large urban hospital. In this newly created program and position, my role was to seed and grow Unitary Transformative Nursing throughout the institution which, until this point, had not been widely exposed to a holistic paradigm of care. I reflected on my first year of a two-year grant and found the early days of walking this path of Unitary Transformative Nursing rocky and at times thorny, challenging my sense of self, raising fears, and experiencing a loss of faith in my ability to bring holistic nursing to the medical center. As I encountered the different units and providers from medicine, surgery and critical care, I needed to find a way to understand the diverse microcosms of the institution, the mirrors reflecting my own shadow aspects demonstrating my yet unconscious areas for growth and evolution. I knew from my studies of the Science of Unitary Human Beings, energy-based therapies, and other metaphysical and spiritual practices that there is no difference between what is in the environmental field and my own field patterning. If I could find a way to learn from the environmental field patterning, then I could unfold my own implicate order. I found using the metaphors of nature and the elements, earth (soil), water (rain), fire (sun), and air (wind), for the integral environmental field patterning as well as my own to be helpful in this unfolding. As I observed pandimensionally, my own implicate order and that of the integral environmental field was explicated.Permission to reprint provided by the Society of Rogerian Scholars.  Read more:

* Originally published: Levin, J. (2006). Unitary Transformational Nursing.Visions:The Journal of Rogerian Nursing Science, 14(1), page numbers

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