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Energy-Based Healing

Your Healing Presence: w/Energy-Based Healing

American Holistic Nursing Association Approved

2 -Day Workshop

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Do you want a nursing modality that relieves pain, promotes rest and relaxation and doesn’t require a physician’s order or opening up the med cart?

Do you want to expand your healing presence and use your hands and heart to enhance well-being and reduce suffering?

With much of health care mechanized and medicalized, you have something essential and precious to offer your patients. Your healing presence.

Your healing presence comes from a place deep within you. It’s at the root of your nursing practice and when you tap into it, you know you are making the kind of difference you are meant to make.

Many nurses, like yourself desire to integrate holistic approaches into day-to-day practice, because you know that healing is the integration of body, mind and spirit.

Yet, this isn’t always easy within the busyness of your day. And with our current medical system’s reliance on technology and medications to do all the work of easing pain and distress, patients continue to suffer from the need to find ease at deeper levels.

Often medications don’t work, aren’t safe, or cause unwanted side effects. Then it can seem, in those moments, like you’re empty-handed with what you can offer.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a way to bring a well-studied and utilized energy-based practice into your work with patients and colleagues. 

What are Energy-Based Healing Modalities?

Energy-Based healing modalities are now considered to be an essential part of many holistic/integrative plans of care. This modality is based on ancient wisdom practices as well as modern quantum physics explaining that our human body, like everything in the universe is surrounded by an electromagnetic field. Energy-based medicine is tapping into this field when the nurse uses his/her hands, heart and mind in a particular way. 

This program is a good fit for you if:

You’ve been with someone in pain and the medication isn’t effective or it’s causing unwanted side effects. You feel their distress and are frustrated you aren’t able to relieve it.

You know something about energy-based approaches and want to bring this to your work, but worry that it takes too long to integrate it into your already full day.

You wonder if this will be accepted in your work place or with your patients and clients, and fear you’ll be thought of as weird or as “unscientific”.

You know there is a connection with the mental, emotional, & spiritual realms to physical illness, but aren’t sure how energy-based modalities can help with physical illness and spiritual and emotional distress.

You used to practice energy-based healing a long time ago, and want to refresh your practice and be with others who are integrating this into their work.

If you said yes to any of the above, you are ready for this course. 

In this training you’ll learn:

  • How to feel the Bio-Energy Field with a hand scan technique and assess for areas of blockages and flow.
  • 6 Energy-Based Healing techniques you can use to reduce pain, calm the mind and relax the body.
  • Intuitive exercises to expand your trust in what you’re feeling and sensing in the person’s energy field.
  • How to sense energy with the in-class practice sessions.
  • How to address doubts, your own and others, in healthy open ways for increasing understanding and acceptance.
  • How to use the energy field to create healing environments and bring to your work and home life.

Questions? Maybe here are some of yours:

Do I need to have a special skill or talent to work with energy-based healing therapies?

Learning how to use Energy-based healing techniques is accessible to most everyone. With some guidance you, too, can learn to sense the human energy field.

Are energy-based healing modalities part of a holistic nursing practice?

Yes. Most states recognize holistic nursing practices, including energy-based modalities as part of a nurse’s practice. Some health care organizations have nursing protocols for energy-based modality application. You can research what is required at your own workplace.

I’m new nurse at nursing, can I learn how to integrate this into my clinical care?

When you are new, learning your basic core nursing skills and assessments is a big challenge. However, I learned energy work as a new nurse and found it was a great addition to my growing skill sets. When you get more confident in your basic nursing skills, the Energy-Based Healing strategies will more easily be integrated into your standard nursing practice.

What if I’m not a nurse?

Practitioners from all aspects of the health care field are learning energy-based therapies and are welcome in this training! Physicians, social workers, health coaches, body workers and chaplains are using energy healing in their practices. So please join us. If you have questions, give me a call and we can find out if this program is a good fit for you.

How the Program Works:

This is a 2-day live training, provides lots of hands on practice and exercises that will develop your energy-based healing skills as well your intuitive abilities. I include plenty of time for information giving and questions.

I keep the class small, so everyone has time to experience receiving energy work and to practice giving energy work.

We will use massage tables and it’s best to wear comfortable clothes and bring layers.

You’ll get handouts to take home with you so you can refer back to them after the training.

I will provide snacks and beverages. Please bring your own lunch and anything else you need to feel nourished.

When: Saturday and Sunday of October 22 and 23, 2016

In this 2-day training you will have all you need to begin using the holistic energy-based healing method at personally and professionally.

Add On 2 Bonus Coaching Calls

Often when you leave a workshop or training, you’re full of excitement to bring your new learnings to work with you. I’ve found students like having extra support in the first months after the workshop to ask questions on how to integrate this into their work.

This is extremely helpful to transfer the workshop into actual practice.

That’s why I offer 2 bonus coaching calls that you can sign up for at the time of registering for the course.

Each coaching session is 30 minutes, by phone or Skype. The offer is good for 3 months after the training, unless we make other arrangements.

It adds $120 onto your class costs, but its a value of $240.00.

If you decide you want the coaching sessions after the training, it will be at my regular price, $120/call.

Your Investment

2-Day Workshop

Early Bird Discount:  $157.00 (Save $40.00, good through October 1, 2016!)

Regular Price: $197.00 (October 2, 2016 through October 21st)

Workshop plus 2 Bonus Coaching Calls:

With Early Bird Discount: $267.00 ($157.00 + $120.00 for the two coaching calls, good through October 1, 2016)

Regular Price: $317.00 ($197.00 + 120.00 for two coaching calls. Regular price starts October 2, 2016)

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About Jackie

The path I traveled to here.

My path in health care started in rural Vermont as a Basic Emergency Medical Technician in 1984. Without medications to give patients on the hour long ride to the hospital, I searched out ways to relieve pain, anxiety and shortness of breath. Along the way, I discovered the benefits of the mind-body strategies of hypnosis, guided imagery, Healing Touch, and relaxation breathing.

Later I became a nurse, and used these strategies for those with chronic pain and in end of life care. I taught patients, family members and nurses to use these strategies for their own health and well -being and in my Masters in Holistic Nursing program I learned the power of Mindfulness and added this as one of my most valuable and valued tools.

I founded and directed the Mind-Body Patient Care and Education Program at NYU Medical Center in New York City and this transformed my understanding how much patients and families benefited from the holistic approach and how much stress impacts healing and well being in both the health professional and the patients and families we serve. I consulted in every area of the hospital, from pre-op to post-op, ICUs, rehab, med-surg, and oncology.

I know how important research is to any health professional’s practice and so it’s part of my work to share what I’ve read in the journals and my own experience in practice.

Over the past 30 years, I’ve taught hundreds of nurses, physicians, nurse residents, nurse assistant and nurse administrators to practice mindfulness and holistic healing strategies to better care for themselves, have healthy and effective communications with colleagues and staff, and bring the holistic paradigm into daily clinical practice.

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