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Being scared and doing it anyway

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September 17, 2014

 You may not know this about me, but I do get scared.

And I’m an introvert, but also part rebel. So in my early years as a holistic nurse (the rebel), I was closeted (the I don’t want to be seen as the too “woo-woo” type).

When I brought imagery and energy-based healing modalities to patients as a hospice nurse, it was in the privacy of their homes.

Gradually, I became braver. If a nurse had her hand on her forehead, I asked, do you have a headache? Then I’d tell her about Healing Touch and do a brief treatment, back in the break room.

I really learned to quiet those fears working as the Founder and Director of the MindBody Patient Care and Education Program at NYU Medical Center in New York City.

One afternoon I was called by a colleague to the bedside of a woman in the Intensive Care Unit. She was sweaty and writhing in pain, the sheets tangled around her legs.

The room was open with 4 filled beds, a small nursing station and some family members standing anxiously nearby. I got permission from the patient to do Healing Touch and began to assess her energy field 3 inches above her body.

I saw her physician enter the room and sidle up next to the critical care nurse and fold his arms across his chest. I was self-conscious. I breathed and centered myself. I connected with my patient and let go of the rest.

I passed my hands over the length of her body several times. With each pass, her body relaxed and in a few minutes she was resting comfortably and finally fell asleep.

From where I stood I could hear the physician ask the nurse, “What was she doing?”

The nurse answered, “Energy work.”

“Looks like it worked. Let’s order it twice a day!” he said.

Sometimes we just have to stand in what we know, even when it’s scary.

Since then, the practice of holistic nursing and medicine has taken great strides clinically and in the scientific research literature. And in many health care institutions it’s integrated into nursing based units and medical departments.

What’s something (small, medium or big) that you feel you can celebrate that you did that was scary, that’s become the basis for a career or personal life path?

Are you at that juncture now?

I’d love to hear what this was or if you’d like to share what edge you might be on right now, please do.

Drop me an email or give a call.

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