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Room to Breathe Curriculum

Room to Breathe Curriculum

Lesson One: Becoming an Observer

  • The nuts and bolts to establish your home-based Mindfulness practice so you can begin right away
  • Why we focus on your practice, not your goals
  • Why the present moment is the only moment

Lesson Two: The Reward of Patience, Is More Patience

  • Identifying your biggest stressor(s), their impact and the tools to work with them
  • The essential concept of patience and how it speeds up slowing down
  • Informal mindfulness practice and it’s impact on every day activities

Lesson Three: The Road to Less Stress Starts with a Beginner’s Mind

  • Why cultivating a beginner’s mind challenges your set (and unhelpful) patterns
  • Learning to trust your own experience
  • Increasing your awareness of your unique mind-body responses to stress and relaxation

Lesson Four: Working with Pain – Yours and Others

  • Non-Striving as a way of “being” and shifting the way you “do” things
  • Noticing when your “auto pilot” takes over and how that limits your work, relationships and effectiveness
  • Embracing paradox when working with pain

Lesson Five: Working with Difficult Emotions – Yours and Others

  • Acceptance as a way of being with “what is” without being passive.
  • How to work with difficult emotions – yours and others
  • How to get out of circular thinking that compounds problems and into clear-mindedness instead

Lesson Six: Communication Patterns – Getting Unstuck

  • How the mindfulness practice of “letting go” is not just saying, “It’s all good.”
  • Getting unstuck from negative habitual communication patterns and creating new effective ones
  • How choosing not to react is different from avoidance

Lesson Seven: Keeping Your Practice Going

  • Self-reliance as a practice of coming home to yourself
  • Strategies to keep your practice going long after the class has ended
  • Reassessment of your stressors

Bonus Lesson: A Day for Yourself

  • Going deeper into your practice
  • Creating a day for yourself
  • A sample of a silent retreat structure

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