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Leading From Within: Mindfulness for Health Care Leaders

“The most valuable leadership program I ever attended!”

“My stress and overwhelm dropped by 50%.”

“Stressed staff and stressed bosses, no longer stress me. Unbelievable.”

Are you a Nurse Executive or Director who wants to reduce (and even eliminate) stress and overwhelm instead of  succumbing to them? If yes, this program is for you.

Leading from Within: Mindfulness for Health Care Leaders




Work in healthcare is stressful, dynamic, full of disruptions and unpredictable.

Stress is a killer. It raises blood pressure, disrupts healthy insulin regulation, increases  inflammation, reduces healthy digestion, hardens arteries and decreases your immune response.  

It also strains communication and relationships, increasing the likelihood of unnecessary awkwardness and arguments or worse, a serious mistake in decision-making.

Nurse with headache and stressFor me, as a Director in an outpatient pain management clinic, stress was killing me and my relationship with my staff.

I was also skating dangerously close to developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

The day I could no longer walk the 4 blocks from the subway to my apartment without resting several times, I made the resolution to find a different way to work with the stressors inherent in healthcare instead of being controlled by them.

As a recent graduate of my Masters in Holistic Nursing program and a week studying Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with the world renowned teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn, I put mindfulness meditation and awareness practices to the test.

I began slowly, 15 minutes of sitting meditation with Jon’s audio cassette (anyone remember those?). I gradually increased that and began to watch how I reacted and shouldered the problems in staffing, patient concerns, physician eruptions.

I learned that the actual stressors like negative staff, difficult doctors, scheduling, finding charts (we were on paper then!) and keeping patients happy, were not the cause of my stress.

It was that I didn’t know how to be in those situations and not be stressed.

Mindfulness changed all that. Not only did my inner response to stress change, many of the problem areas also began to change (and some even disappeared) with my growing mindfulness skills.

Navigating the very real day-to-day challenges, relating to the unpredictability of humans and technology, actually became easier.

My colleagues and staff noticed the change too. I regained  my health, enhanced my communication as a leader and created a highly collaborative work environment.

Getting Results from Mindfulness Practice

In the years since then, I’ve taught Mindfulness to teams of Nursing Directors and Nurse Executives who said this was the most valuable leadership program they ever attended.

Cohorts of healthcare leaders consistently report experiencing a 40%- 50% reduction in stress when working with their “stressed-out bosses” and the same reduction when working with their “stressed-out staff.”

They also now bring mindfulness stress reduction strategies to their staff, teaching them to recognize stressful communications, e.g. those high in frustration, irritation, anger, manipulation and grief that promotes staff engagement and reduces patient complaints. 


Is Leading from Within for You?

If you are a Nurse Executive or Director and you want to better anticipate moments of stress without succumbing to them, then, yes, this program is for you.

This program helps you focus on leading your staff and growing your departments by reducing the interpersonal challenges that end up taking so much time and energy.

Gaining time back in your day with the skills mindfulness gives you because you will:

  • Hear concerns and problems and facilitate resolutions without reactivity
  • Give constructive feedback and eliminate defensive responses staff
  • Hire and retain the best staff 
  • Effectively identify (and let go) those who are not meeting expected standards


Leading from Within: Mindfulness for Health Care Leaders

Your 7-Week Virtual Mindfulness-Based Leadership Program

As a Health Care Leader this game-changing blueprint:

    • Develop greater awareness of your thoughts and feelings so you know what triggers your stress and reactivity and how this impacts you and your leadership decisions.
    • Anticipate the hazards of stress and vulnerability of your direct reports and those you report to and engage with them without sacrificing yourself.
    • Increase your mental and emotional flexibility, adaptability and resilience working with the ever-changing forces in healthcare to reach your departmental and organizational goals with greater ease.

Leading from Within: Mindfulness for Health Care Leaders is a program designed specifically for Nurse Leaders and is grounded in Jackie Levin’s well-respected and vetted mindfulness program – Room to Breathe: Rewiring for Ease. 

In this course, Nurse Leaders join with their peers in this  7-session virtual program to learn the well-researched mindfulness practices that cultivate open, flexible and responsive mind-sets in you and in-turn, in your staff. 

You will also learn mindfulness strategies that

  • Increase your skill when working with difficult colleagues and staff
  • Enhance your responsiveness under pressure rather than rely on reactivity
  • Identify and address early signs of unsafe and unprofessional behaviors among your staff
  • Engender kindness and compassion for yourself and support this in your peers and your staff.

The Benefits:

Is This You| For You |

  • Deeper insight and awareness of how your mind operates so you get the results you desire
  • Greater ability to engage authentically and effectively with your staff, colleagues and bosses
  • Increase your emotional intelligence and personal wellbeing

| For Your Team |

  • Increase understanding, cohesiveness, trust, and alignment
  • Improve capacity to respond and use conflict as a way to enhance team building
  • Recognize their shared authority and accountability to cultivate healthy emotional work environments 
  • Increase staff engagement and retain your best staff

| For Your Organization |

  • Advance a common language that strengthens your organization’s mission, vision and goals
  • Strengthen interdepartmental collaboration breaking down departmental silos
  • Lay the foundation for growing authentic and transparent leadership

Leading from Within: Mindfulness for Health Care Leaders

  • 7 powerful and strategic lessons, each including its own pre-recorded audio lessons and complete course guide
  • 6 guided audio meditation practices
  • A growing community of mindful health professionals who are learning and practicing mindfulness together, which has the added benefit of enhancing and growing interdepartmental relationships
  • 7 live 75-minute classes, held weekly, to practice together and apply mindfulness solution-based inquiry to leadership challenges and stressors
  • 7 past live audio class recordings, divided into 5-15 minute segments for additional teachings or as a make up for a missed class
  • 23 CNEs for Nurses awarded by the American Holistic Nursing Association

All Materials Provided Online and Downloadable


young nurse meditation on beachAllison was the Director of a busy med-surgical unit. She was quite likable, but she had a temper. If she heard anything went wrong during the shift, she would fly into a shouting rage at her staff. Her staff did their best to prevent her from hearing problems and that caused a whole other set of difficulties. If staff found an opening on another unit, they moved. It wasn’t a good situation, but everyone involved assumed there was nothing to be done about it.

Allison brought this to the Directors’ Mindfulness class one day. She knew her behavior wasn’t good, but she didn’t know how to change it. I taught her some mindfulness strategies to use in the moment when she found herself in that kind of situation, as well as reviewed the concepts and formal practices she learned already. Her peers were supportive and offered to be a sounding board.

Two weeks later, she came to class and shared her success story. The previous Monday morning, her staff came to her office after a hectic weekend. They told her about the few things that went wrong and Allison just sat there. Listening. The nurses looked at her confused, waiting for her usual response and then asked her, “Aren’t you going to yell and scream?” Allison said she took a moment to realize that she, in fact, had no desire to shout, fly off the handle, get mad. It just wasn’t there.

After she relayed this story, her peers sat in stunned silence. They all liked Allison, but had assumed they (and her staff) had to live with her outbursts. The group was congratulatory, which served to give Allison the momentum to keep working on this aspect of herself.

What you need to know about this program

Learning Materials and Course Time:  Full access Leading Edge Nursing’s online Room to Breathe: Rewiring for Ease mindfulness program for health professionals with 7 (75 minute) virtual classes to cultivate Leading from Within as a Nurse Leader.


Class One: Become the Observer-Leader
Cultivate self-awareness and self-compassion amidst the noisy inner voices of the judge, critic and worrier.

Class Two: Patience is a Leadership Tool Bridging Your Logical and Conceptual Minds. 
Develop both left-brain (logical, analytical and sequential thinking) and right-brain (inventive, empathic, joyful) capacities through cultivation of patience and non-judging.

Class Three: Beginner’s Mind for the Novice and the Expert Leader
Work with curiosity (Beginner’s Mind) instead of fear reactions of “I have to know this already” to encourage open-mindedness and open-heartedness when facing difficult and challenging situations and people.

Class Four: Working with Pain—Yours, your staff and your leaders, as it arises physically, emotionally, spiritually.
Cultivate Acceptance by recognizing “what is” actually happening without the limiting filters of past “failures” or future anxiety clouding your vision or filtering out constructive input.

Class Five: Mindful Communication that Transforms Dialogue from “I/Me” to “We/Us”
Activate the Mindful-Listening capacities with non-judging, patience, beginner’s mind and non-striving, for more effective, crisp, clear and precise communication.

Class Six: Relating to your inner Driver, Striver, Inner Perfectionist and Over-Achiever. Cultivate a healthy relationship with these common leadership qualities that contribute to stress and unreasonable expectations.

Class Seven: Develop Strategies to Keep Your Mindfulness Practice Going
Cultivate the mindfulness concepts of Trust and Self-reliance to lessen the degree of second guessing and inaction in decision making.


Each leader participant will be asked to take Pre-course Assessment Survey that will measure their current stress level as well as common consequences of stress, using a 0-10 Likert scale. In addition, there will be short essay questions to describe the kinds of challenges you currently face and what you hope to gain by being in the course.

After the completion of the course, leader participants will be asked to fill out the Post-course Assessment Survey  to measure the changes experienced in their common symptoms of stress and relate changes they observed in their leadership style, communication and sense of well-being.



“I was quite skeptical at first. And really only came for the free lunch. So I was really surprised to find this was the best leadership program I’d ever taken. It helped me be more supportive of my colleagues and my staff.”

“I found healthy ways to work with the stress of being a new director. I was scared and felt really isolated. Being in this course I was able to share my concerns and the other directors stepped up with all kinds of help and support.”

“Mindfulness now helps me depersonalize an aggressive approach by a disgruntled employee and look at underlying issues in a objective and mindful way.”

“I do not have to react to a stressor… I can choose another path. When I feel a “knee jerk” reaction coming over me, I breathe and give myself the freedom to think before responding.”


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