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Is your heart running on empty?

Have you ever thought about what it takes for your heart to run smoothly and evenly day after day?

Fortunately, for the most part, we don’t have to as it pumps away about 80 times a minute.Untitled

If we look at the physical heart, the muscle fibers get activated through an electrical conduction system. This squeezes the heart and that pumps the blood out into body. Gallons and Gallons. Simple.

And yet, there is so much more to the heart than just pumping blood.

Think about some of the most common heart metaphors:

▪ Getting to the heart of it

▪ Wearing your heart on your sleeve

▪ She’s got a heart of gold

▪ He’s so broken hearted

▪ My heart’s not in it

And on of my favorites: In your heart of hearts.

If something comes from my heart of hearts, I know it’s something to listen to.

But I don’t always have the energy.

I can hear my heart asking me to follow my path, which for me is sharing how the mind-body-spirit connect for deep and sustained healing.

What do I do when I get excited about something?

I leap into my passion, which is like rocket taking off. The after burners keep me going for a while, but because I still live where there is gravity, I have to find more fuel.

And with what I hear from others, it feels similar to them.

What do you reach for when that first burst of excitement drops off and you realize that the heart path, which is totally right, takes a certain kind of energy to sustain it?

Personally, I reach for the coffee or a bit a dark chocolate…sometimes together. Even in the morning. Well it works. Temporarily. But not really all that well.

In my work over the last 30 years, I’ve noticed how my patients, clients, friends and myself use energy sources that are not sustainable. I’ve also learned that the generator of sustainable energy for the Path of Heart, is heart energy.

The heart has its own vibrational system and when we tap into that, we feel the hum of smooth running system that gently revs up to take on the hills and then easily lets off the gas to glide down the other side.

If you, too, reach for an energy source that doesn’t really give you the staying power your looking for, take time today and see what’s going on that makes you feel you need it. Did someone say something, did a moment of anxiety come over you, or do you feel you need a bit more momentum to get around the curve of a project?

No need to change anything about yourself. Start with observing what happens. No judgments. It’s just about getting know yourself, in a friendly way, 

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