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FAQs Medicine Walk: The Art of Transformative Inquiry

FAQs for Virtual and In-Person Workshop

How does this day work? In person or virtually? This day-long program is set up in three parts.

  • Part One: Orients you to the Medicine Walk process and rolling up our sleeves to hone in on your specific inquiry for your Medicine Walk.
  • Part Two: The middle of the day is for you to take your Medicine Walk.
For the online program, your walk is in your own local area. You’ll have plenty of time for your walk and lunch. Afterwards you return Zoom and the group where you each will “tell the story of your walk”.  
For the In-Person retreat, lunch and your Medicine Walk are taken at my retreat center in Port Townsend, 11 acres of old growth forest, trails, a pond and the warmth of a wood burning stove.
  • Part Three: We Mirror the story of your Medicine Walk giving you the full benefit of harvesting Nature’s messages for you to incorporate into your life and work. 

What if I don’t really like to be outdoors. Can I still participate and get what I need from the course? Absolutely! You can spend your “Medicine Walk” time inside or on the grounds just outside your house.

What if I don’t have anything special happen during the Medicine Walk? In my experience, even if you don’t have a sense of what messages you are receiving during your medicine walk, everyone leaves the workshop with an insight that stimulates and/or surprises them, which then motivates and energizes their work and life.

Do I need anything special? It’s great to have your own writing tablet and if you like a special pen. You’ll want to write down your thoughts and experiences and some of the reflections you receive.

Is this program open to all health professionals? Yes! We are all in the same great work together. Learning and exploring together is extremely heartwarming, supportive and fun.

FAQs for the In-Person Retreat Only

What is the retreat space like?
On the grounds our pond is visited by lots of wildlife; eagles, herons, ducks, owls, beavers and coyotes come for food and drink. We also have trails in the beautiful old and 2nd growth forest around the pond. Inside if it’s a cold day, we’ll have a warm fire going. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, where you get not only get inspired, but rest and renewal as well.

Do I need anything special? In addition to having your own writing tablet, you’ll want to bring layers of clothes and good shoes to walk in. Snacks and lunch are provided!

How do I earn 6 Continuing Nursing Eduction? You have to register at the start of the day and participate in each of the activities. After you fill out your evaluation, you’ll receive your certificate. Simple!

Other Questions? Please email me or contact me at 206-304-7703.

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