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A Healing Space

A Healing Space

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Date(s) - 11/12/2019
8:00 am - 9:30 am

A Healing Space: Increasing Your Confidence
with Everyday Conversation about Race

We are nurses, and we care about healing
and that includes how to have healing conversations on race.

I’m sure you are aware of more and more conversations around race occurring online, at work and in your social circles. You may be someone who is comfortable with these conversations, but we know for many, these conversations are new and can cause fear, shame and/or anxiety.  Perhaps you have something to add, but may not know what to say, where to start, or how to address the feelings that arise from your own cultural background and history.

If this is you, then A Healing Space: Increasing Your Confidence with Everyday Conversation about Race, is the space to explore these questions and grow more brave. 

We, Nikki Akparewa, Jayne Peterson and Jackie Levin, all Board Certified Health and Wellness Nurse Coaches, have come together to support constructive conversations on race for health professionals, lay leaders and those in the wellness profession.

No matter who you are or who you are speaking with, participating in this 90-minute “Healing Space” will help you be more present in these conversations and have more confidence in listening, responding and sharing in your unique way.  “A Healing Space” is an invitation to the possibility of change that begins with self-awareness.

Let’s explore and learn together in a supportive, courageous way and build confidence in our ability to speak truth to power and create health equity and racial justice.

Registration: $25.00. Click Here

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this creative process, you’ll:

1) Use mindfulness to open up one’s awareness to racial anxiety and tension

2) Experience approaches that normalize conversations about race and inequality in both subtle and courageous ways

3) Name feelings and experiences that often lie just below the surface that quelch our ability to build trust with people of multicultural backgrounds

4) Identify a small, yet visible action to remove the hidden plague of systemic racism within social circles, professional spaces and communities

Registration is $25. Register Here

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