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“Celebrating You” Guided Meditation

by | Dec 29, 2014 | No Comments

With the New Year’s arrival, there usually comes a flurry of resolutions; the year’s to-do “better” or “differently” list.

This year I’m making a “Not to-do” list, but it’s not my usual kind. It’s not about not-to-drink too much coffee or not-to-skip a day of meditation.

My Not-to-do list is to Not-do so much! But that can be hard to do. 

So I thought what would be a good way to start out the New Year for all of us who like to give and do. And what came to me, is this brief guided meditation as a way to really pause and celebrate all that you are and do for others. It is New Year’s after all!

So however you give to others, big or small, public or private, professionally or personally, take this moment and really go to town (in a quiet, using the breath kind of way) to celebrate yourself and those who also work to make this world a better place. 

We don’t do this often enough, so I hope you’ll take this moment to breathe and celebrate.

Here’s the recording. It’s just under 3 minutes.

Breathing In, Celebrate You, Breathing Out, Celebrate Others

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With lots of love and fireworks celebrating you and your New Year wishes,

PS: Most of us need help to learn how to pause and take care of ourselves as health professionals. Filling Your Cup is an introduction. In my upcoming program, Room to Breathe: Mindfulness for Health Professionals, I’ll be guiding you through exercises like this, so that you have the structure and encouragement to take time to care for yourself while you care for others.  

Keep tuning in and I’ll have more info for those who want to take the next step. Click here to read more about Room to Breathe.

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