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5 Essential Steps to Making Your New Year Resolution (or any goal) Stick

by | Jan 7, 2018 | 4 Comments

physics of timeMost people I speak with imagine the key to achieving their resolution–or any goal–is to keep their eye on the resolution itself.

But it’s not the only key. Space is.


On the afternoon of December 31st, I set aside a couple of hours, grabbed a set a scissors, a glue stick and a stack of old magazines, to make a collage pondering this one thing. How does Space impact my 2018 resolution?

I know I have enough Time in my day for my resolution (a daily writing practice), what I need is the method to counteract what eats up this Time.

How do I know? This was my resolution for 2017. And it didn’t make it past Ground Hog Day.

As the cliche says, time stops for no one. But what about Space? How does Space influence Time and the achievement of a resolution (or any goal)?  

Empty Space is like a vacuum, like dark matter sucking in a whole solar system in a single gulp. That’s what happens with time.

Time gets pulled into the abyss of Space and then it’s gone.

Keeping Your Eye on the Prize of Space
Resolutions take center stage at New Year’s, but all the other things in our life crowd out the Space reserved for them.

Instead of keeping your eye focused on your Resolution–doesn’t matter what kind,
I suggest to focus more on creating Space for your resolution.

That afternoon, with my large piece of poster board filling up with images, symbols and phrases that represent Space to me, I discovered I wanted to fill in every empty Space.

Staring at the few gaps still open, a small sense of anxiety arose. Confused, I moved a variety of unused clippings into those empty Spaces as placeholders.

I removed them. Back and forth, trying different images. None seemed right. Each time I took an image away, I noticed a disquieting sense of incompleteness, like the tension created when two strong magnets approach one another; the closer the magnets are, the stronger the pull to close the gap between them.

Every time, I filled it in, a sense of feeling squeezed.

I wasn’t comfortable with the open Space, but I didn’t want to close it in either.

Until I saw a kind of 3rd Space open up.

The open Space created more room for the other things on my poster. And the tension broke.

In partnering with Space, I’m a co-owner of the TimeSpace continuum, instead of at the mercy of it.
5 Steps to Creating Open Space for your Resolutions
1. Begin with sitting in a comfortable position and let your mind rest on your natural rhythm of breathing.
2. After 4-6 cycles of breathing (in and out is one cycle), begin to notice where your mind gets pulled towards. Do you want to pick up your phone and open emails or check FaceBook? Do you think, Oh, I should be washing the dishes?  Paying bills? Exercising? Making a phone call? Are you worrying, feeling anxious or bored? What else? No judgement. All have their place.
3. Back to your breath for a few more cycles. Now let your mind move to those things you want more TimeSpace for. Make your mental list.
4. Next check back to the first places your mind went. Do any of these egregiously take Time from what you want more Space in your life for?

5. To make this stick; use your awareness of what’s crowding out the space reserved for your resolution as a trigger, and return to keeping the Space open for your resolution.
With awareness, you have choice.

Here’s a quick example (my own):  

  1. Resolution: To have a daily morning writing practice.
  2. TimeSpace Distraction: Starting my day reading emails and FaceBook posts and responding. (Which does need to happen, but not first thing in the morning.)
  3. Noticing: “Oh, I’m starting with the emails and not writing.”
  4. Action: Close emails and open my writing page.
This can work for your Resolution eg. exercise, dietary changes, professional goals, finances, etc.

So to welcome in a New Year filled with more TimeSpace for your resolution, I offer this open Space moment for us to breathe and imagine together.

Your Open TimeSpace

Tuning into yourself for brief moments throughout your day helps you pause and re-partner with TimeSpace.

Do you have tips for making resolutions stick? Share those below. And when you try exercise, let me know how this goes for you.

However you choose to create TimeSpace in your day, thanks for taking this time for yourself.

With Much Love, Health, and Well-Being for your New Year,


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