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3 Key Strategies to Help at this Time of Year

by | Dec 30, 2016 | 4 Comments

This time of year, after all the preparations for the holidays are over and before the New Year begins, you might be wanting some time to breathe, slow down, catch-up.

And yet, the forces that were winding up before the holidays can still be present, whether or not you celebrated.  And though, at this time of year people express their hopes, their love and their kindness, it’s also the time of year, when people are a bit fragile and frazzled and are less apt to have tolerance for when things don’t go as expected.

In healthcare, perhaps especially so.

You may find that patients, their families, coworkers, and even you, are easily triggered into frustration, irritation and outbursts.

It’s this time of year, that I especially keep an eye out for the stress that may be creeping up around me and I set my intention at the start of the day for how I’ll remain mindful of my emotional and mental equilibrium amidst the natural waves of ups and downs when working and being with people. 
Here are 3 key strategies I use regularly that you can, too.

1. Set your intention for the dayBefore getting involved in the busyness of your day, think of a word or phrase that represents the kind of energy or purpose you wish to bring to your day. Some of my favorites are: calm, openness, receptivity, listening, fun, soft. My intention is often a reflection of what I feel I’ll need. (So now you know the kinds of things I need!) Follow your in-breath connecting to your body, follow your out- breath saying your intention. 

2. Identify 3 daily routines that you can do your focused breathing. For example, when washing your hands, logging onto your computer, answering a page or phone call. Let go of your mental worries here, take a few breaths and remember your intention. 

3. Pause. Pause at doorways before entering, pause when listening, pause before asking your next question to make sure the person is through with their thought, pause for no other reason than to pause.


Take a moment now to key in on how you can reconnect to your intention and center throughout your day.




For you this 2017

Want more ways to sustain your equilibrium? You don’t have to wait until you are up to your ears in stress and overwhelm. You can do it right now by learning or reactivating a mindfulness meditation and awareness practice.

Mindfulness practices are time-tested, research-based and practical and have been shown to radically change how you live and work.

One student recently told me, this course changed her life! How?

She became more aware of her thoughts and behaviors that were unintentionally causing insomnia, anxiety as well as letting minor irritations become major frustrations.

In the morning, when she arrived at work, she realized her shoulders were already up around her ears. She was tense, worried and anxious that she “couldn’t do it all!”  
Now, even just a few minutes of daily practice using the tools and techniques from Room to Breathe, she is radically different. She no longer feels that foreboding and anxiety, even though she still has the same workload. Instead she finds herself relaxed as she moves through her day and with a greater sense of ease.

The New Year is often a time of new resolutions; this one doesn’t have to be hard or something you are giving up. It can be something that you give to yourself now and forever.

Room to Breathe: Rewiring for Ease, my 7 lesson learn-at-your-own-pace mindfulness course (just for health professionals), is now officially open. If you are a nurse, you can earn 16 CNEs, too!

Room to Breathe is a course that gives you everything you need to start or rekindle a meditation practice that can radically change how you see and experience the rough bumps and natural challenges present in life and work.

Check out the Room to Breathe Course Here and give yourself less stress and overwhelm to begin your New Year with. 

Much love, health and well being for you and yours this holiday season and in the New Year.


PS: Please share this with others. Let’s spread the word.

  • What a great reminder. The holidays certainly are a time of hustle and bustle. While I enjoy them, I do realize that afterwards I am feeling a bit of “Phew!” Thanks for reminding me to take time to breathe, be, and pause. I am going to practice this each day this week!

  • Cassandra Herbert

    Setting an intention for the day is part of my morning routine and it does make a big difference in how I feel and how my day flows.
    I like the suggestion on identifying daily routines where I can pause and breathe. I am going to start doing that tomorrow. Thank you!

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